Kate's Campaign FAQs

Please read Kate's list of frequently asked questions by voters about her priorities, who she is and how she will represent you and Curtin.

I was approached by the Curtin Independent community group to run as an independent candidate. I accepted because I share the electorate’s increasing frustration with the two-party system. Neither the Liberal nor the Labor party represents the people whose views fall within the sensible centre of politics. I believe we can do much better on real climate action, sustainable economic policies and integrity in Canberra.

Independents have shown they have an important role to play changing the political conversation and holding major parties to account. As an independent representative, I can vote in accordance with the interests of my electorate, rather than party factions, coalition partners, donors or power brokers.  I will be able to work collaboratively across all sides of politics, focusing on sensible policy in the long-term interests of the country.

This is what we need in politics right now

No. I am not doing any deals with other parties on preferences. You can make up your own mind who you vote for. If you want to support me, vote 1 Kate Chaney, then number all the other boxes in the order of your own preference.

If you don't number all of the boxes your vote will not count.

I am running on some clear policy priorities.  If I win, Curtin voters can expect me to do my best to deliver on those priorities.  In the case of a hung parliament, I would enter into negotiations with the mandate given to me by Curtin voters. A lot can change between now and that hypothetical situation.  It would be a mistake to presume to know what each party would put on the table.

Yes! Our major parties are failing us on the issues that matter. I grew up Liberal, briefly joined the Labor Party hoping for change, but came to the conclusion that we will only see reform outside the major parties.

I will bring a long-term common sense view to Parliament not driven by ideology. 

We have voluntarily implemented a transparent "real time disclosure" approach to donations. So all the monetary donations I have received are listed on the Donor Wall on this website and are available for everyone to see.

The vast majority of donors have elected to be named rather than remain anonymous. I encourage all donors to disclose their names. Neither of the major parties discloses its donors until well after the election, and then only the large donations.

I have accepted the support of Climate 200 and its 10,000+ donors from across Australia who want action on climate change now, and who believe we won't see it through the two party system.

Kate smiling outside in a park