Real Climate Action

Real Climate Action

We need urgent action to protect our planet from the worst effects of climate change.

In Australia we are seeing the catastrophic impact of climate change through droughts, rising sea levels, bushfires, floods and other extreme weather events.

For many years the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change has been warning the world of projected increases in temperature. The Climate Change Performance Index ranks Australia last out of 60 countries on policy to address climate change. We need to listen to the science and experts, and act now.

Climate change also has a significant impact on health, particularly for our most vulnerable. Significant climate events and extreme weather increase the likelihood of worsening air quality and the spread of infectious disease, and have an immediate and long-term impact on the availability and distribution of food.

Making significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions will not only help Australia to avoid the worst effects of climate change, it will safeguard our health, economic prosperity and national security for this and future generations.